UCAN Course Fuel and Hydrate

We are pleased to announce that UCAN will once again be our exclusive course fuel and hydrate provider for the 2024 Jim Thorpe Area Running Festival! UCAN hydrate will be available at water stops throughout the festival and UCAN Edge gel will be available at mile 5 of half marathon and at miles 6.5 and 16 of the full marathon.


UCAN is a company that’s changing the way you think of energy – with food products that provide athletes and active people the foundational energy insurance that they can rely on to achieve their performance and fitness goals. UCAN products utilize SuperStarch®, a slow-releasing, low glycemic carbohydrate that delivers steady, long-lasting energy without sugar.  UCAN will provide 2 of their products on course.


UCAN Edge - was awarded the Fitness Award by Runner's World in 2022, as the best food to eat during a run.  It is the first energy gel of it's kind, that does not contain sugar and keeps you fueled and feeling good for longer.  Gone are the days of the dreaded crash, GI distress and constant need to refuel for energy.  Take 1 UCAN Edge before your activity and again every hour during activity.   UCAN Edge will be served at 2 locations on course. 

UCAN Hydrate
 - was formulated by an olympic dietitian for optimal electrolyte replacement.  ZContaining 5 essential electrolytes, zero sugar and double the magnesium compared to other products on the market.  UCAN hydrate is all the electrolytes you need without all the stuff you don't!  Hydrate is the ultimate way to optimize dehydration recovery.  UCAN Hydrate will be served at every aid station.

What the pros are saying about UCAN Edge:

“UCAN Edge is a great, portable way to quickly get some slow-burning carbohydrate fuel in during training and races,” says Sara Hall, the 3rd fastest U.S. women’s marathoner in history and current US Half Marathon record holder. “Edge sits really well in my stomach. I don’t even notice it’s there besides the extra energy.”


"With UCAN having such a steady release of energy, I’ve felt so much better throughout the runs compared to taking other gels, where I would feel this burst of energy, but then it would be so short-lived. What I really like about UCAN is that I don’t feel an immediate change, but I notice my body just feels better for longer." - Emma Bates, 2021 Chicago Marathon Runner Up


"I’ve also been using UCAN Edge a half hour before a tempo run or halfway through my long runs. The thing with most gel packets [that contain sugar] is that you’re supposed to take them with water to avoid cramping. I really like the UCAN gel because I don’t need to take water with it. I’ll just tuck a pouch into my sports bra and take it halfway through my run and it works really well. - Emily Sisson, 2021 US Olympian (10,000)