Race Day Information 7-Miler

Welcome to the 7-Miler at the Jim Thorpe Area Running Festival!
Race-Day Information Sheet (please read)

**YOUR GPS DEVICE WILL NOT BE ACCURATE ON THE TRAIL! The course snakes through the Lehigh Gorge. We have found that NO GPS device is accurate. It will make you think the course is long. It is not. It has been measured by hand (or foot, really) by a professional course master and is part of a marathon certified by the USATF as a Boston Qualifier.

Directions: The train leaves and the race finishes in the Carbon County Municipal Parking Lot next to the Jim Thorpe Train Station. Enter “Jim Thorpe Municipal Parking” or “12 Lehigh Ave, Jim Thorpe” into your GPS.

Parking: Parking will cost $12 per car. Everyone who parks will be required to visit one of the many kiosks newly installed in the parking lot BEFORE YOU RUN. You must put your receipt on your dashboard. It will say that it expires at 7:30am but as long as it is on your dashboard, you will not receive a ticket. Parking is very limited in Jim Thorpe and we strongly encourage carpooling and arriving early. THE LOT WILL OPEN AT 5:30 am.

Train Ride: All runners in the full and 7-miler must have a ticket to board the train (included in your packet). Water and bathrooms will be available in all train cars. Masks are required on the train.

Starting Options:
. You will have the option to get off the train and start the 7-miler on the way to White Haven (around 7:00 am) or on the way back from White Haven (around 9:15 am). Those who stay on the train will be able to watch marathon runners pass beneath a train overlook at mile 2.8 of the full marathon. You will not be allowed to exit the train in White Haven to watch the start of the marathon.  

Remote Area: Cell phones will not work on the trail. Bikers will be monitoring miles 12-26. Flag them down if you have an issue and need to be picked up. They will alert our ATV team or the closest stationed EMS team.

Hydration/Fuel: We will have stations at miles 1, 3, and 5. Every station will have a first aid kit for basic needs and water. We ask that 7-mile runners DO NOT TAKE THE GU meant for marathoners.  

DO NOT DISCARD ANYTHING ON THE TRAIL: Trash cans will be available roughly 75 yards past every water station. If you are spotted discarding anything on the trail, you will be disqualified, you will not receive a time, and you will not be allowed to register for any future RUNegades’ events. We apologize for the harsh language, but the natural beauty of the park (and our permits) are very important to us.

Bag Drop: When you exit the train, place a small bag marked with your name in the front row of the train car. It will be taken back to the finish area. This drop is a courtesy for our runners and we cannot guarantee the safety of any items. We strongly advise against leaving anything of value in your bag. 

Spectating Spots:  Spectators can watch runners pass through the Glen Onoko parking area at Lehigh Gorge State Park in Jim Thorpe (mile 5) and at the start/finish area.

Public on Trail: The 7-miler takes place on the public Lehigh Gorge trail. Please be respectful of any and all bikers, hikers, dog-walkers, etc.

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*5:30 AM: The JT Municipal Parking Lot next to train station opens. Porta-potties will be available in the parking lot. We ask that all runners and spectators board the train by 6:30.
*6:30 AM: The train leaves the Jim Thorpe Train Station and travels to White Haven. 
*7:10 AM: The train makes a 5-minute stop in Old Penn Haven. 7-Miler participants will be given the option to get off the train at this point and start their run after our timer sets up the starting area.
*7:45 AM: The train arrives at the White Haven Library. Runners ONLY will disembark and walk a block to the starting line. Spectators will be asked to remain on the train. Portable toilets will be available in the library parking lot. 
*7:55 AM: The train will depart for the overlook point at mile 2.8.
*7:55 to 8:05 AM: Marathon runners will be asked to start in spaced waves. The fastest runners will be asked to start first. The race is chip-timed, so your time will not start until you cross the starting mat. 
*8:45 AM (or as soon as the last runner has passed the 2.8 mile mark): The train will depart the overlook point and head for the 8-mile starting point in Old Penn Haven.
*9:25-9:35 AM: 7-mile runners will disembark in Old Penn Haven and begin the 7-mile race. 
*9:40 AM: The train will take spectators to the finish line at the Jim Thorpe Municipal Parking Lot.